The Vault: A Lively Band Called My Dad Is Dead

May 10th, 2007 // 7 Comments

mdid.jpgYears ago, while at a “record fair” (look it up), one of your Idolators spotted a copy of My Dad Is Dead’s The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get with a hand-drawn price tag that read “$10 NEW (and the best album of 1989).” As it turns out, the CD was used–and the best album of that year remains 3 Feet High And Rising–but Taller is nonetheless a great collection of dark, twisting guitar-rock from one-man-band Mark Edwards. If you’ve only got time/room for one track, go with the paranoid “Too Far Gone,” which was canonized in K-Tel’s infamous Gimme Indie Rock compilation:

My Dad Is Dead – For Lack Of A Better Word [MP3, link expired]
My Dad Is Dead – Too Far Gone [MP3, link expired]
My Dad Is Dead – Seven Years [MP3, link expired]
My Dad Is Dead [Blog]

  1. Mr. Kim Gordons Panties

    Thanks! I used to have this and forgot all about it. Awesome!

  2. MickFNS

    Best album of ’89 was Sonic Temple, dude. I mean, come on…

  3. BeGee

    That entire album (and lots of the MDID catalogue) is downloadable for free on the band’s website. The whole thing is worth a listen or five!

  4. hndinglove

    MDID has/had big ties to the Cleveland scene at that time/future — including Cobra Verde, Scat Records and Prisonshake.

    the latter two are now in St. Louis; Prisonshake blew the roof off their SXSW gig, and has a new 2-LP album coming out later in the year. after a loooooong time.

  5. statolith
    Don’t-miss track: “Anti-Socialist II

    MDID are also playing a show later this month in Chapel Hill.

  6. rinjonjori

    The music is like the Cure only less bleak and JAMC only less talented. I liked “For Lack of a better Word” but the vocalist isn’t doing anything for me. He just doesn’t fit the sound.

  7. rinjonjori

    Oh yeah and they remind me of Interpol

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