Hard Rock Festival Ready To Raise The Horns In Oklahoma


This July, Rocklahoma–a three-day music festival featuring Poison, Ratt, and at least one version of L.A. Guns–will take place in a field in northwestern Oklahoma. Tickets have been selling at a brisk rate, and the promoters are claiming that the festival is on track to attract Coachella-level numbers:

Rocklahoma is happening in Oklahoma, but it was announced at a press conference in Los Angeles. Since then, Rogers said tickets have been sold to people in 15 countries, four Canadian provinces and all 50 states.

“We expect 50,000 to 60,000 people each day,” Rogers said. “Every hotel room is booked in a 50- to 70-mile radius. People are thinking about renting their houses.

“This isn’t a four-state area thing. This is worldwide. The numbers just keep going daily.” Rogers said some of the bands in the line up hope their career will be restarted with this exposure. “This is different than Country Fever where the acts come in and out. The bands will be staying here,” Rogers said.

Rogers said the festival will be broadcast on world-wide pay for view television and the VH-1 music channel.

Pay-per-view–just like the Moscow Music Peace Festival! We can’t wait to try and watch it like we did that festival, with the picture scrambled to hell and the music sputtering out every so often. (Hey, at least we’ll be in air conditioning.)

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