Ozzfest Attendees May Not Even Get What They Won’t Be Paying For

static-x.jpgFrom today’s press-release tidal wave:


Well, now we know just what caliber of bands will be willing to work for free.

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  • chrisb

    I’m not familiar with the music of Static X, but I think it’s fairly obvious from that picture that they suck.

  • Barry White Stripes, Office LW

    The only thought that runs through my head when I see Static X:


  • Hallux Valgus

    @chrisb: I am familiar. you are correct.

  • noamjamski

    Jesus. This is shaping up to be one hell of an experiment.

    Know how to get me to spend 100 bucks on a ticket? Put Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir, Superjoint Ritual, Slayer, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath on one bill.

    I think that was Ozzfest ’04? That was one hell of a day of entertainment.

    That is the better direction. Give a lot of value for your dollar, rather than bottom tier bands and shit tons of marketing for free.

  • Jude

    wait…isn’t this thing already taking place somewhere in Oklahoma, or something like that?

    I’m confused…

  • Audif Jackson Winters III

    Ozzy would have never allowed this if he was still alive.

  • Ed Corcoran

    First, the soundtrack to Saw III and now Ozzfest? The Static-X comeback continues!

  • Antiheroine

    @Ed Corcoran: Indeed – instead of inspiring thoughts such as, “Who the hell are those guys?” they’re already back to inspiring “Oh, those are the total tools I can’t stand.” It’s quite a step up.

  • Cloaca

    If Static X can still make a living playing shit metal, then I’m quitting my job and buying a double-bass drum kit.

  • SterileEyes

    I’ve seen Static X 14 times since 1999, I like what they do.


    They are the Milli Vanilli of rock music. No wonder they’re playing for free. It doesn’t cost a thing to press “play” on a tape machine.

    What a dreadful lineup “Freefest” has turned out to be. You couldn’t pay me to show up.

    Where is Machine Head? What about that Alice In Chains rumor?


    1997, 1999 and 2004 were the best Ozzfests. By far.

    System was great last year too…sad to see them go!

  • hatbred

    all you guys suck… how many times a day do you jerk off all over your computerscreens. first of all no one is going to ozzfest to see static x anyway and second the greatest band in the world is going to be there…. LAMB OF GOD!!!!! and dont forget HATEBREED!!! so i suggest you shut your pansy ass mouths and get there bright and early……… long live dime… hes not dead…

  • hatbred

    LAMB OF GOD!!!!

  • Brian L