On The Flippity-Flop: The Futureheads Get In The Picture

May 10th, 2007 // Comment

123futureheads.jpgWelcome to “On The Flippity-Flop,” where your Idolators spotlight unjustly ignored B-sides, bonus tracks, compilation contributions, and EP cuts. Send your suggestions to tips@idolator.com.

ARTIST: The Futureheads
SONG: “Picture Of Dorian Gray”
FIRST APPEARANCE: 1-2-3-Nul! EP, 2003
WHY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN A-SIDE: These Brits’ second EP caught the band when they were still figuring out where, exactly, they wanted to reside on the Britpop-homage continuum. Their cover of this Television Personalities track shows them at their scruffy best; their all-in harmonies sound like a barroom singalong that was accidentally captured to tape, while the not-quite-a-guitar-solo at the track’s end is sweet enough to be nearly as hummable as the chorus:

The Futureheads – Picture Of Dorian Gray [MP3, link expired]
The Futureheads [MySpace]


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