Will A Ukranian Drag Queen Step Into Lordi’s Platform Shoes?

May 11th, 2007 // 5 Comments

The finals for the annual Eurovision Song Contest are tomorrow night, and the current favorite to win it all is the Ukraine’s entry, a bit of Europop-folk called “Dancing Lasha Tumbai.” The song is by comedian Andriy Danylko, who performs under the alias Verka Serduchka, a lot of makeup, and a cloud of drag-fueled controversy; we’re still fans of Serebro, but on grounds of pure absurdity, we’re hoping Verka takes the big prize–especially now that Switzerland’s homage to vampires and Meat Loaf has been eliminated.

Eurovision 2007 Ukraine: Verka Serduchka – Danzing [YouTube, via 17 dots]
2007 Eurovision Song Contest [ladbrokes.com]

  1. superfluoüs_umlaut

    Ah, the German language. Even from the mouth of middle-aged Ukrainian transvestite, over camp Euro-dance beats, it still manages to sound menacing. EIN! ZWEI! DREI!

  2. Snowbrigadier

    I’m excited, though there’s seriously a lot of kvetching about Eastern European countries tactically voting for themselves. Though, I guess my scandinavian friends are just bitter (I’m also irritaed that Sweden didn’t make the cut)

    Denmark, though they were eliminated, also entered a drag queen.

  3. Sean

    Are we sure she’s saying “dancing” (or maybe “tanzen”), and not “Danzig?” Because that would make this even more awesome.

  4. Mendle

    Does anybody know any bar or any place in New York showing Eurovision tomorrow night?

  5. Grizly

    I am from Ukraine (icq 455 06 80) a lot of our people didn’t want Verka to participate in Eurovision. and at some moment even Verka herself decided not to go to Finland (because the words from her song “russia goodbuy” made some scandal. later she changed them to “lusha tumbai”)

    thank God she didn’t win, cause it would be hard for our country to host Eurovision again :)

    to Snowbrigadier: Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus didn’t vote that much for us

    to Sean: she was ment to speak English and German in the way nobody could understand. it was a part of the joke, to make it glamorous + to say “I love you” + to speak pigeon English. thats what most participants do.

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