MTV To Finally Bring Together Method Man, Method Actors

May 11th, 2007 // 1 Comment

It’s a maddeningly brief announcement, but today’s Variety reports that MTV is close to finalizing Rapping With The Stars, a Dancing With The Stars-ish new competition in which rappers and famous people perform together. Rapping will feature “teams squaring off in range of rap-oriented musical challenges. A hip-hop world panel will judge.”

We’re intrigued, if only because we want to see what kind of celebs MTV will tap for this: Will they go the way of VH1–the network responsible for lower IQs, pestilence and three out of five cases of hoof-and-mouth disease–and hire formerly famous child stars and pop-culture punchlines? Or will they go with TRL types like Zach Braff or LL Lohan? It’s hard to imagine anyone but the most completely out-of-touch stars trying to show off their rap skills on live TV. Either way, we look forward to seeing Leeza and Jeezy, together at last.

MTV rapping with pros, celebs [Variety]

  1. Hallux Valgus

    jeez, between this and Human Giant, I guess I’m gonna have to relent and figure out what channel MTV is on. I think it’s in the three hundreds.

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