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May 11th, 2007 // 2 Comments

liquors.jpg- The Internet’s top ten drinking songs. Unsurprisingly, the Pogues are in the top 10. [Big Rock Candy Mountain]
- Musical selections from the Shel Silverstein songbook. [100b's School Of Learnin']
- Celebrate Sin City with covers of “Viva Las Vegas” by the likes of the Dead Kennedys and ZZ Top. [ninebullets.net]

  1. iantenna

    i fucking love dr. hook. there’s a music laden boot dvd out there on which the band is wasted beyond belief. doing the classic siverstein jams like “sylvia’s mother” and “cover of the rolling stone” and practically losing their shit the whole time. you can play a little game i like to call “what are they on?” coke, booze, weed, speed, who fucking knows what else.

  2. Deadly Tango

    Today’s installment at Big Rock Candy Mountain is really the end of the “Top 100″ list that’s been spooling out for two weeks now … if you’re intrigued, head on over to Barstool Mountain starting soon for the whole shooting match, plus discussion and extra submissions.

    (Disclosure: I am one of the judges. We each ranked 1-100 out of a pool of over 400 songs … but fewer than half of my ranked selections made it to the top 100.)

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