MC Serch’s Birthday Party Whiter, Rappier, Showier Than Yours


(Ed. note: Last night, former 3rd Bass member and White Rapper Show host MC Serch celebrated his 40th birthday at Brooklyn’s Southpaw; Idolator commenter mickeyprecious was one of the dozens–dozens!–there to help blow out the candles. His report after the click-through):

Last night, myself and a few friends wandered over to Southpaw for MC Serch’s 40th Birthday “Roast.” As a long-standing 3rd Bass fan, I held lofty hopes for an impromptu reunion with his estranged partner, Pete Nice. After all, the last time I had seen the two of them together was in 1989, when my mother brought me to the Westbury Music Fair and they played a slowly rotating circular stage with the Fresh Prince. This had major nostalgia potential for me.

After what must have been the world’s greatest DJ set (serious old-school rap with Hall and Oates thrown in), the mostly male crowd welcomed Serch and his “posse” to the stage. Said posse included his parents, his wife, Bobbito, Dante Ross (famed producer, A&R rep, and a man who definitely does not “get the gas face”) Dana Dane, Sasha Jenkins (of EgoTrip/Mass Appeal), and few other close friends, and–look out–the PRIME MINISTER PETE NICE. They told embarrassing stories, showed a few throwback videos, and repeatedly cracked on Serch’s Jewish heritage, which was celebrated with the ironic gift of several Manishevitz bottles.

Following the jokes and pokes, Serch grabbed the mic and started rapping. And–oh my god–Pete Nice was on stage with him. It seems like my dream of a live, comeback performance of “Steppin’ to the AM” was about to happen. I nailed a pair of Miller High Life cans in anticipation.

But it was not to be. Despite the mic in front of him, Pete Nice kicked it in the background and left after a few songs. Serch went on to perform several 3rd Bass songs, a smattering of solo tracks, and a few songs off his long-lost but soon-to-be-released second solo album. Sasha and a few others started tossing gifts into the crowd and I scored three things: a fitted hat, a 10 Deep T-shirt, and a truly stunning MC Serch Alarm clock by Ecko Unlimited.

As the photos show, this is clearly a stunning piece. It’s got the flat top, the huge glasses, and the “3rd Bass” logo shaved into the rear of his head. To everyone who put this event together, and somehow played a role in having this clock thrown into my hands, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Waking up is going to be a fresh new experience from here on in.

And to Pete Nice: We want to see you kicking it on stage once again. How can the man who coined the phrase “Blinded by the science, my mind starts flexin. Sexin down females to the A.M., perplexin” ever hang up his coat? Seriously, it was because of you that I made my parents buy me a pleated-pant, double-breasted, forest green suit from JCPenney in ’89. Come back to us!

More pictures here.