Outro: Looking Back At A Doozy Of A Week

May 11th, 2007 // Comment

bulldozinn.jpg- When it comes to leaked Chinese Democracy tracks, Axl’s woes will never end.
- Spin gets spun.
- Amy Winehouse keeps exposing herself.
- This week was Bee Gees week on American Idol, and Lakisha couldn’t stay alive.
- Next time you go see Ben Folds, bring a brick. It could get rowdy!
- Akon is learning that your thirties can be a tough period.
- Hey, looky here! Ultragrrrl said something!
- Some music critics need to learn not to take the long way home.
- Veronica Mars‘ biggest mystery yet: How many doped-up indie-rock stars did they base this week’s episode on?
- Billy Corgan is doing all he can to make sure he has zero fans left.
- MC Hammer does what he wants to do, says what he wants to say–just like that crazy Addams Family!
- Hey, Glenn Danzig! We want 15 percent!


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