3rd Bass Fans Weasel Out The Pete Nice Impostor

May 14th, 2007 // 4 Comments

peteniceimpostor%3F.jpgLast week, one of our commenters wrote in to tell us about the 40th-birthday party for former 3rd Bass member MC Serch; according to the write-up, one of the highlights of the event was when Serch’s estranged ex-partner, Pete Nice, made a brief appearance on stage. Over the weekend, though, the message boards at thirdbass.net were set ablaze-ablaze!–with accusations that the crowd had been duped by a Pete Nice impersonator.

As one message-board poster notes, the guy introduced as Pete Nice “cannot possibly be Pete Nice–unless he houses a time machine in that museum of his. Doesn’t even look like a young Pete–Pete has brown eyes!–that’s fucked up, Serch.” A few before-and-after comparison shots were provided, prompting our on-the-scene reporter to issue the following correction:

I was the photographer at the event who took the posted photos. I also wrote the show review for Idolator.com (posted above), so you’ve already got my overview of the show. Overall, I had a pretty awesome time – but I’m inclined to agree with MistaJohn: it looks like I was fooled by a Pete Nice impostor.

He was definitely brought onstage and introduced as Pete Nice. And–for someone who hasn’t seen a recent photo of him (like me)–he looked true to life. After all, Serch looks pretty good for being 40, so this could easily be Pete. He carried a baseball bat on stage and everyone cracked on him about his Cooperstown shop and the books that he wrote. But, there’s two glaring things (outside of his looks):

1. He barely spoke

2. He didn’t rap

At the time, I thought this was due to shyness, or “I don’t do that anymore,” or some nagging bad blood. But I was also pretty goddamn drunk at the time. And with the benefit of hindsight–it definitely wasn’t him. The eyes don’t match, the face doesn’t really match, and he didn’t talk. That says it all.

And I don’t believe that Pete was hanging in the back either. The venue and crowd were both pretty small. Maybe there was 100 people there. He didn’t really have anywhere to hide out. I’m not sure if a press release was sent stating that Pete Nice was there, or if the Hip Hop blogs just picked up my review on Idolator, but it seems like I was wrong.

But Pete Nice aside, the party was dope and it was cool to see Serch rapping live. The opening DJ’s were amazing, and they projected a bunch of classic 3rd Bass and KMD videos. Plus I got a free MC Serch alarm clock, which is nothing short of amazing. Thanks for checking out my photos, and let’s keep hope alive for a real reunion in the future!

There’s no way of putting it mildly, Serch: You had an audience full of eager-to-believe 3rd Bass fans in front of you, and you duped them. Maybe it was your idea of a prank, or perhaps you were poking fun at your former partner; either way, let the record show that on May 14th, 2007, Idolator and its readers officially decreed that MC Serch get the gas face.

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  1. CHUTUP!

    A Pete Nice impostor… I’m so putting that on my C.V.

  2. Dan Gibson

    I just wonder if PW Botha continues to get the gas-face posthumously, or if there’s a statute of limitations on such things.

  3. Jupiter8

    It looks like the real Pete Nice is trying to impersonate a chubby Rick Nielsen…

  4. that is actually Mikey Palms (former owner of Southpaw and BK DJ) 3rd Bass reunited for his bday this past weekend in brooklyn.

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