The Vault: Honoring The Godfathers

May 14th, 2007 // 14 Comments

godfathers.jpgIdolator readers of (ahem) a certain age will no doubt recall the late-’80s/early-’90s heyday of Pulse!, the magazine published by the now-defunct Tower Records chain. So correct us if we’re getting this wrong, but we remember Pulse! writing about the Godfathers’ 1988 album Birth, School, Work, Death every third issue or so, and with good reason: The British quintet fit nicely alongside such ’80s college-radio darlings the Hoodoo Gurus and later-era Replacements, guaranteeing that a) they never, ever had a shot at commercial success, and b) music-store clerks and rock critics will wax about them for years to come:

The Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death [MP3, link expired]
The Godfathers – If I Only Had Time [MP3, link expired]

  1. Anonymous

    Their version of ‘Sunrise’ was fantastic as was their take on ‘Cold Turkey’. BSWD was a classic though. I’ll be digging that out now.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    As the resident aging Gen-Xer here: yeah, sure I remember Pulse! – mostly I remember it stacking up by the doors at 4th & Broadway like aging cordwood.

    Anyway, was the Pulse! Godfathers hype part of their endless D.I.D. (Desert Island Discs) series? Or did the Pulsars (tee hee) just really, really have a thing for the record?

  3. rinjonjori

    Pulse was great for the train ride home. 1 decent article/ snippet mixed with tons of advertisements. people complain about a silly google ad bar should have had to pour through 80 pages of pulse once a month to get one little snippet of information.

  4. Ned Raggett

    My favorite Pulse piece — liked it so much I saved it and transcribed it as you see. It captured a specific aesthetic nobody else has yet.

  5. TurdsAndWhey

    Idolator readers of (ahem) a certain age…

    The bells! The bells!

    The coolest thing about Pulse! is that it devoted a few pages to list (supposedly) every major/minor label release that month. With all the options for releasing music now, maybe it’s a service worth bringing back.

  6. Lucas Jensen

    One of my favorite bragging rights stories is that I saw a free show in Auburn, AL, with the Godfathers, Living Colour, and The Sugarcubes. They filmed part of the Cult of Personality video there.

  7. Reidicus

    I saw the same show in Columbia, S.C. but we got no Sugarcubes. Life’s been less sweet ever since.

  8. Sam Adams

    Boy, are those fun records to pull out of the stacks. “This Damn Nation” is my pick hit.

  9. kylebania

    I remember getting this album from the Columbia Record and Tape club! It’s a definite classic. BSWD is perpetually on my “getting ready for work” playlist.

  10. Tiger_Tanaka

    *Misty-Eyed Old Man Alert*

    Saw them and Living Colour at the old Ritz in NYC. 1988? Sounds right. Loudest show I’ve ever been to. Superb.

  11. KingCool

    Odd to not see even one comment from someone who is hearing this for the first time. I loved BSWD then and I still love it. I may have to dig out my cassette…and then the player…and buy batt…know what? Nevermind, I’ll just play these mp3s…

  12. Anonymous

    …thought you’d want to see this:

  13. Anonymous

    link to:
    The Sopranos vs. The Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death


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