Serbia Grabs Eurovision Crown In A Knock-Down, Drag-Out Battle

May 14th, 2007 // 3 Comments

snipshot_e41bd55c27qf.jpgSerbia, in its first solo appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest, took home this year’s prize during Saturday night’s competition thanks to Marija Serifovic’s Celine-gone-drag-king “Molitva,” a big ballad that teeters on the line between completely sappy and sorta dirgey. (The Ukrainian gender-bending entry finished second.) While nine countries gave “Prayer” their best-in-competition votes, even the presence of a pan-flute solo couldn’t stop this five-month-old from falling into a full-on drool.

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[Photo: AP]

  1. Anonymous

    And Scooch last 2nd last. They were lucky to get that to be honest.

  2. cerulgalactus

    @nevin: Ireland deserved to come last after giving the UK 12 points.

    And really, am I the only one who realised that it’s actually Hiro Nakamura – not some random fat lesbian.

  3. MJ

    That performance was beautiful, a clear winner since the beginning.

    And yes, I spent mobile phone money to vote for it.

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