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May 14th, 2007 // 9 Comments

linkin.jpgWelcome to On The Shelf, Idolator’s weekly look at new releases hitting store shelves on Tuesday. Like it or not, the big album coming out tomorrow is Linkin Park’s 98% rap-free effort, Minutes to Midnight; after the jump, we give that album a once-over, along with new efforts from Wilco, Megadeth, Gretchen Wilson, and Rufus Wainwright.

Linkin Park, Minutes To Midnight
The artist: Rap-rock stalwarts looking to break free from the first half of the decade … by looking like the Strokes.
The sound: Less rap, more moaning, same quotient of not-very-good.
The first in line: The few. The proud. The people who still listen to modern rock radio.

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky
The artist: Elder statesmen who still manage to remain scruffy.
The sound: A long, divisive ride back to the early ’70s album-rock era.
The first in line: Mailing list subscribers (at least, the band hopes so).

Megadeth, United Abominations
The artist: Premier shredder Dave Mustaine and his latest band of hired hands.
The sound: Heavy riffing and New World Order ranting.
The first in line: Diehard fans hoping for a return to Rust In Peace form (and who almost, almost get it).

Gretchen Wilson, One Of The Boys
The artist: Dirt-kicking lass who wears her redneck-woman status proudly.
The sound: Whiskey-filled, but melancholy–like those 30 minutes between last call and the bar shutting down.
The first in line: Cowgirl tomboys who like to shoot whiskey, pool, and the shit.

Rufus Wainwright, Release The Stars
The artist: Just your everyday gay messiah.
The sound: Pomp-filled pop orchestrated in part by the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant.
The first in line: Drama club kids.

On The CD Front [Pause & Play]

  1. Major Tom

    That cover really says “March of the Penguins.”

  2. Pop Cesspool

    Nah, yo, it says, “We spent all winter listening to ‘Songs To Learn And Sing’.”

  3. Pop Cesspool

    So much for my IMG tag. I guess I’ll have to do it the janky way:

  4. Ned Raggett

    Bring on the dorky rockers
    Whereever they may sing

  5. Ned Raggett

    I mean the thing with Linkin Park was that they were supposed to be the nu-metal boy band. Forget this ‘serious’ nonsense.

  6. FionaScrapple

    Megadeth = the consumate metal band. Keep on rocking Dave!

  7. Anonymous

    I dig that Linkin cover. It says “introspective”. You can practically see them thinking, have I invested my money wisely?

  8. J.T.

    Actually, the text treatment on the cover of that Linkin Park album smacks of nothing more than Zwan’s solitary album. Intriguing.

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