Stuck On Repeat: The New Spoon Song Will Linger With You For A Long Time

May 14th, 2007 // 13 Comments

spoonglasses.jpg“The Ghost Of You Lingers” is the first track to emerge from Spoon’s forthcoming Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and it’s a tightly wound number featuring little more than a relentless piano progression and Britt Daniel’s echoing vocal lines. Best experienced with the headphones on–or, in Daniel’s case, a giant pair of Buggles-inspired sunglasses:

Spoon – The Ghost Of You Lingers [MP3, link expired]
Spoon [MySpace]

  1. AcidReign

    …..At first I was thinking “Chopsticks.” It’s a fairly nicely-recorded piano sound, though. And a great chord progression, with some unexpected suspensions! I loved the panned vocals, although they nicked the breathy-enhancement trick from Jeff Lynne. Nothing wrong with a bit of borrowing, especially in an era where 30-year-old samples are regularly the basis for hit songs…

    …..Great stuff!

  2. zaky


    Don’t worry, I hate it too. And I like Spoon.

  3. Dick Laurent is dead.

    More importantly, will those glasses make the new Manson cd sound any better?

  4. MTS

    I mean, if you’re going to leak a track to the internet, at least pick the one that isn’t the most zzzz-inducing. There’s nothing tight nor wound about this number either, Idolators — check yo’ descriptive language!

    As a diehard Spoon fan, leaking a shitty track is the worst way to start the week. I can’t believe I’m even writing this.

  5. Lisa-Lisa

    The Phillip Glass reference is a nice catch – I bet you are correct on that one.

    To me, it is hard to judge a song like this one on its own. The first time I heard Small Stakes it was as a download off the Spoon site and I hated it. After hearing it in the context of Kill the Moonlight – I got it. Small Stakes is a great opening track for that record.

  6. NickEddy

    Oh, I love this. Surprised.

  7. billsamson

    maybe this is Britt’s “When Doves Cry” moment…can we expect the video to have him crawling naked across a flower peddled floor?

  8. cerulgalactus

    First listen: what the shit is this?

    Second listen: ummmmm….so how about that Ukrainian Eurovision entry?

    Third listen: Say, I have the new Blue Scholars and Polyphonic Spree albums to entertain me.

    Fourth listen: OK, now I get it…doesn’t mean I like it though.

  9. MC


    Yeah, but you like the Polyphonic Spree, so we won’t listen to you.

  10. MissParker

    zaky and brasstax:

    Agree 100%.

    Keep moving, folks…nothing to listen to here.

  11. ozacrot

    Wow, this may be the first time a Spoon song is too minimal for my tastes. Then again, this’ll be one of those things where I love the song in the context of the album. That happens for all Spoon songs.

  12. the rich girls are weeping

    Wow, well — this won’t be a shock to anyone, but I think this is fantastic. I’m already totally lovin’ this phase of the Spoon sound; say what you will, they’ll never make a record that sounds exactly like the last one!

  13. prolixrush

    Mmmm, Spoon swoon. Britt Daniel’s furtive sexiness confuses me in the best way. I hope the whole album is half as hot as this song.

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