Listening Station: Paul McCartney Dips Into The Past

May 14th, 2007 // 14 Comments

macca.jpgPaul McCartney’s solo catalog will be available in digital stores soon, and his caffeine-fueled next record, Memory Almost Full, will arrive in Starbucks just as Frappucino season begins next month; “Ever Present Past” is the first song we’ve heard from the record, and its percolating melody makes us wonder if McCartney’s been spending his recent days mulling over the XTC back catalog’s indebtedness to his former band:

Paul McCartney – Ever Present Past [MP3, link expired]
Paul McCartney [Official site]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    Darkroom ain’t even bad. It’s awesome. I think he invents breakbeats on that song. Snare trills at least. It’s insane. And his bass playing is tops. McCartney II is the #1 summer JAM. “Frozen Jap?” Insane. Plus, Cyndi Lauper ripped it off. I thought Macca’s last album was pretty good.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Seriously, I love McCartney II. It ain’t a piece of crap at all. You obviously never heard Back to the Egg. I think McCartney was really going for it, and that’s to be commended for an artist of his stature at that time of his career trajectory. Let’s face it: Lennon was doing sappy stuff like Watching the Wheels (which I love, but still…) at the time, and he’s always thought of as the experimentalist, which is just horse manure. I’ll go so far as to say that I like McCartney’s solo output better than Lennon’s. Ooh, maybe I don’t want to say that. But I’ll let it ride for right now.

  3. gregcoff

    Man, I haven’t had a good Macca geekout in years. Thanks guys.

    Jupiter8: I have to concede that Temporary Secretary is amazing, especially the lyrics “She can be a belly dancer, I don’t need a true romancer” delivered in robot monotone. However, “Darkroom” will always have my heart. You could slap Paul Wall and Rihanna on top of that track and have a top forty next week. At the same time, it wouldn’t be out of place as an Animal Collective B-Side. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    Lucas Jensen: Don’t be afraid to let it rip. I feel like Lennon beat McCartney on the peaks (Plastic Ono Band being more or less the best thing either one of them ever did) but Macca won the long-term campaign.

  4. Jupiter8

    @Lucas Jensen:
    Didn’t mean to imply “McCartney II” was bad crap-it’s good crap! I like it! Now “Press to Play”…that’s bad crap! And don’t get me started on the “Spies Like Us” song/video!

    As far as Lennon vs. McCartney solo stuff, Paul’s “oldies” record was way better than John’s…and Paul Never put out anything as unlistenable as “Some Time In New York City”…

  5. mike a

    I am on record as defending McCartney II, which I still think is the hidden jewel of his solo/Wings catalog (well, post-Venus & Mars). It’s got the oddball stoned experiments like “Darkroom” and “Temporary Secretary,” which work better than they should, but it’s also got “One Of These Days,” which is just stunning. It sounds like a needed break between Back To The Egg and Tug Of War, which has its own charms (“Take It Away” and “Get It,” for instance).

  6. mike a

    Side note: McCartney’s just itching for a hostile work environment claim from the “Temporary Secretary.”

  7. phelander

    So what’s all the fuss? Ain’t nobody that’s spies like us. I can’t believe how you nailed it with this song being a copy of XTC copying McCartney. Too meta for me man.

  8. phelander

    I am happy that his solo work is coming out though. The Venus and Mars album makes me so happy.

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