Yngwie Malmsteen’s Ferrari For Sale, Guitar Not Included

May 14th, 2007 // 7 Comments


A 1983 Ferrari owned by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen is currently available on eBay–the bidding is at $16,220 as of this writing. Alas, the auction listing doesn’t let prospective buyers know whether or not they can “release the fucking fury” if they shift into the correct gear, but it does mention that the car is definitely a fixer-upper, so maybe whoever buys it can get that little bit of detailing added to their repairs.

1983 Ferrari : Yngwie Malmsteen Owned ! 308 GTS QV [eBay, via The Velvet Rope]

  1. revmatty

    I loved that when Soto (I think) joined the band he got a shirt that said “Yngwie Who?”

  2. AcidReign

    …..Poor Yngwie. He must be on hard times. Depending on whether there’s frame damage, that could be a bargain.

    …..I love Yngwie’s music. He’s quite possibly the most technically excellent electric guitarist alive. I’ve got over a dozen of his records.

    …..However, that picture is DISTURBING! He’s evidently scalloped the frets on a PRE-CBS STRAT! Arrrrrggh! Look! He’s absolutely ruined the finish on that fretboard! I can’t stand it!

  3. Jupiter8

    I always thought it was Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

  4. Hertz32


  5. Jude

    I just love it when you guys profile a guy I could SWEAR died like…years ago(??).
    Seriously, I thought he was dead.

    My fault. TOTALLY, my fault…

  6. kurtdaniel

    Yngwie may not be in his hard times..who knows,,he might be planning to have a newer and better car for himself,,but this time with gas saving devices..

  7. I hope Yngwie Malmsteen can survive during this hard time in his life and use his money to buy a goood car with brakes to help him stop before he can get into an accident…..

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