Leak Of The Day: The Go! Team Gets A Grip

May 15th, 2007 // 6 Comments

goteampic.jpgRemember late 2004, when we all fell in love with Brighton’s The Go! Team? It was the group that had everything, from rapping female vocalists to cheerleader calls to samples that sounded as if they came from Donkey Kong’s Dance Dance Revolution. Now the group is back with a new single, “Grip Like A Vice,” and it’s a dark, Goth-tinged march about the errors of America’s foreign policy, with a brooding guest-vocalist turn from Lou Reed. Just kidding! It’s actually another shake-it-don’t-break-it song with lots of silly noises:

The Go! Team – Grip Like A Vice [MP3, link expired; via Deaf Indie Elephants]
The Go! Team [MySpace]

  1. Bazooka Tooth

    Man, between this and yesterday’s Spoon song, you guys are on fire.

  2. chaircrusher

    The song is kinda OK but mother of god where did you get that MP3? It sounds like it was recorded off of a clock radio.

  3. Jack Fear

    chaircrusher: The Go! Team have never been the audiophile’s choice-they’ve always had that lo-fi thing going.

    Also, I liked them better when there were no words. No real words, anyway.

  4. Roger Kaputnik


    What a weird coincidence: the second time today (!) I’ve observed the misspelling of the word “vise” as “vice.” In the Go Team’s case, since it’s their title it’s obviously intentional. Over on Pitchfork, the review of the new album by Battles refers to their “vice-tight musicianship.” I presume the writer meant “vise,” the crank-tightened implement that secures an object (like a piece of wood) or objects (like two pieces of wood glued together) in place.

    I’m not using Idolator to bash Pitchfork, though I’m vaguely aware of some “rivalry.” Idolator makes its share of grammatical errors, as do I. I suppose we readers of web publications should appreciate that the copy is even spell-checked, let alone closely line-edited. Even with the chain of quality control staffed by college graduates, things are bound to slip through once in a while. I know the correct spelling, so I notice the mistake, I can’t help it. And I’m sure that, even in this milieu of aesthetic hair-splitting, I’ll be derided as a nit-picker. I expect someone will call for my head to be squeezed in a vice . . .


  5. fiddygent

    Strange how some of the vocals sound like samples and other parts sound like they are recorded like. I was a little bit worried about how the new album’s vocals would sound like with Ninja instead of the last album’ lo-fi retro sounding samples, but they seem to have pulled it off….Anyway they are far better live IMHO

    BTW Luke, ‘Vice’ is the English spelling of the American version ‘Vise’, they both clamp wood and stuff. So in conclusion The Go! Team can spell and Pitchfork can’t.

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