The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: It’s Time For The Jellyfish Comeback

May 15th, 2007 // 12 Comments

bcb.jpgThe current No. 1 single in the UK is a double A-side by the British boy band McFly (whose existence we actually were reminded of the other night during an insomnia-spawned viewing of the not-very-good Lindsay Lohan vehicle Just My Luck), and one of those A-sides is a sunshiny-bright take on “Baby’s Coming Back,” originally by the criminally underexposed ’90s outfit Jellyfish. While we’re happy that “Back” scribe Andy Sturmer is finally getting his pop-genius due on the charts, we’re curious as to which version of the song our readers would rather hear blaring from their local radio stations this summer:

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McFly, Arctic Monkeys Rule UK Charts [Billboard]


  1. tigerpop

    I can’t believe a “British boy band” is having a hit with this song.

  2. Diglett

    Andy Sturmer’s music may be scarce on the charts here, but he’s doing just fine in Japan, as Puffy AmiYumi’s numero-uno songwriter. And his genius in that department has been pretty damn amazing– particularly in figuring out how to appropriate every major American musical prototype, almost note for note, and tweak it for Japanese teenage girls.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Talk about not messing with the original: I like how the cover, even though it’s by a bunch of Brits, keeps in the line about “If I had a dollar…”

  4. HowCron

    The cover itself is fine… however, DON’T go searching for any pictures or video of McFly. I should’ve let well enough alone and moved on with my day, but my curiosity got peaked and I YouTube’d them — Gasp.

    Now I’ve got a huge crack in my monitor screen where I hit it… with my face… 7 times.

  5. Frinklin

    Six people voted for McFly? Is that by accident?

  6. SibylVane

    I had the misfortune to watch Just My Luck and I can’t quite remember what was worse: Lindsay Lohan’s constant–CONSTANT–shrieking or McFly’s “music”.

  7. kevcol

    Some peppy lads, that McFly. Nice try. I see an energy drink commercial in their future.

  8. And so had know.

    Wow, way to add nothing whatsoever to that song. What the heck ever happened to Jellyfish anyway?

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