Leak Of The Day, Part III: Ryan Adams Gives Good “Head”

May 16th, 2007 // 7 Comments

has an MP3 of “Halloween Head,” another song to emerge from Ryan Adams’ forthcoming Easy Tiger, a.k.a. Comeback Album No. 341. It’s one of Adams’ more power-chord-powered songs in a while, but we’re pretty sure that the so-called “guitar solo” is actually a synthesizer. Or maybe bagpipes!

By the way, you guys should really be excited for Leak Of The Day, Part IV: The Leakening, opening sometime this afternoon.

Ryan Adams – Halloween Head [MP3, link expired]

  1. rchick

    i’m a RA junkie and will listen to most anything he does — admittedly even the dodgy stuff gets at least a couple spins — but this will forevermore be skipped right on by.

    Ryan, seriously, what the fuck?

  2. Mick Kraut

    I’m not one of “those guys” who hate everything RA does that isnt a rehash of HEARTBREAKER, but this guy needs focus…the quality of his releases have steadily declined…mind you on a gentle slope, not falling off the table or anything but nothing as good as GOLD or HEARTBREAKER…COLD ROSES had some great moments and JACKSONVILLE CITY NIGHTS was solid…but just not solid enough from start to finish…

    I would love to see 48HRS get an official release…that set is worth some attention outside of the online community

  3. Mick Kraut

    hit send too quick…

    For every MAGNOLIA MOUNTAIN and A KISS BEFORE I GO you have to endure songs like HALLOWEEN HEAD…then a good track like DONT EVEN KNOW HER NAME is relegated to an iTunes EP…

  4. mishaps

    “Guitar solo!”

    Oh, honey, no.

  5. katie_a_princess

    boy is this song stupid. i know the rest of the album won’t be like this.

  6. gtrplyr

    The rest of the songs on the nw record are stunning. I think a lot of people are not really getting the metaphor of Halloween Head. Even without understanding it, its a fun goofy song. Give the guy a break. He’s still one of the best songwriters of the last 20 years.

  7. chinapaulo

    When Ryan yelled, “Guitar Solo,” I laughed out loud. This song is not intended to be serious in the slightest, and on that level I enjoyed it.

    Some reviewer once rightly observed that Ryan is a “victim of his own prolific pen.” I think he writes so much music that he doesn’t know how to sift through all of it to find the true gems — so it’s up to us.

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