The Paula Abdul Out-Of-It Scale Now Has A New, Much Higher Benchmark

May 16th, 2007 // 7 Comments

It’s only 22 seconds long, but Paula Abdul manages to cram more crazy in this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live than she has in the past four American Idol episodes combined. The “fried cat and dog on the rotisserie,” the Woody Woodpecker laugh, the mapping out of a “bullet train bus” route with her hands–no amount of Simon Cowell hair-pulling has ever elicited this sort of unhingedness, and he’s probably seething with jealousy over that fact right now.

Jimmy Kimmel Live [ABC]


  1. Ted Striker

    I kept waiting for the moment where her head would start spinning and she began crawling the walls on all fours.

  2. Xenu

    All that’s missing is a rapping cartoon cat.

  3. Anonymous

    I have trouble watching that clip, the whole Larry King/Gawker Stalker incident has scarred me.

  4. Nicolars

    Whatever she’s on, I want some. It seems like some sort of Happy Land, where she lives in a gumdrop house on Lolly Pop Lane.

  5. What it is

    ah…the bullet train bus. good times.

  6. Lew

    WTF is she talking about? Everyone who watches Man vs. World knows that dogs and cats cook at different temperatures and times. They couldn’t possibly be together on the same skewer. I refuse to believe.

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