The Vault: Slant 6 Walks With The Zombies

May 16th, 2007 // 4 Comments

slant6.jpgThe second full-length from D.C. punk trio Slant 6, Inzombia, gleefully bounced from noir homages to pogo-worthy tracks before tumbling into its horror-movie-score finale. We spun it a few times earlier today and almost placed it in our “Please Release Me” file, as physical copies aren’t being pressed anymore; further snooping revealed that it’s available digitally from the usual suspects, though, so here, instead, are two songs from the album that are a bit less goth, a bit more guitar crunch:

Slant 6 – Eight Swimming Pools [MP3, link expired]
Slant 6 – Partner In Crime [MP3, link expired]
Slant 6 [Dischord]

  1. Cam/ron

    It’s not their best record but the DIY haunted house soundtrack at the end is quite inspired. It has one of the eeriest piano solos.

  2. Imperial ffrr

    soda pop ripoff

  3. Jfrankparnell

    They were great live, too, even when playing to no one at 1 pm in Dupont Circle … those were the days …

  4. kylebania

    Babydoll – cut of the album.

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