The Obligatory “WTF, Melinda Was Eliminated” Post

May 17th, 2007 // 25 Comments


More tomorrow, but for now, let’s look on the bright side: At least she won’t be forced to sing whatever bit of treacle winds up winning the Idol songwriting contest, right? Here’s hoping the person in charge of Daptone is on the phone with her handlers right now.

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  1. Rory B. Bellows

    Melinda was awful, awful television. I am thrilled that she is gone. I hate Blake, and don’t really want him to win, but his victory might hopefully convince the producers that they need to introduce more modern, non-big-voice-diva sounding singers next year. Viva Blake, for now.

  2. icepick3383

    first of all, I’m just shocked to see a John Petrucci comment here! Secondly, I think melinda will have a solid R&B career and is too “pro” to be molded and paraded around as an idol puppet. I think blake is just waking up and pinching himself asking the same question asked by the Wonders; “how did we get here, man?”.

    I’m thinking Blake FTW, but I really think it’s too close to call.

  3. Thierry

    So funny – I was just telling my girlfriend that I wished Melinda would get Mark Ronson and the Dap-Kings on the phone RIGHT NOW!

  4. Anonymous

    Nodding in agreement at the “Winehouse wishes she had the pipes, gravitas and soul of Melinda Doolittle” comments. She’s Chaka, Aretha and Etta mixed with Peggy Lee. Which equals me actually buying her CDs and following her career.

    Also with the eventuality of Jordin “Screeching Melisma” Sparks as the winner they’ll try to mold into a Kelly or a Carrie for those of you wishing for a new empty-headed harpie to over-sing her way onto TRL.

    Blake? He has Vote for the Worst to thank, along with those drooling pre-teens. Survey says: debut CD will flounder and he will greet Justin Guarini in Obsoletionville.

  5. brasstax

    I was initially flabbergasted, but now I am actually pretty happy. She’ll be able to record something rather good instead of something completely disappointing.

  6. Butch Huskey

    conspiracy theory time – Idol show producers knew this was a weak talent pool based on weak audtions so they planted/ picked a too-old ringer to prop up the talent (when will Melinda’s real age be known? when will the Idol votes ever be made public?) … she was just along for the ride still very surprising she’s out

  7. spazandmojo

    i felt gutted. i don’t think i can be bothered to watch next weeks finale. blake jut drives me insane with his tonality and blander than bland presentation, which apparently most find “inspired”. i don’t dislike the guy by any means, but seriously whenever he is on, all i can think about is changing the channel and watching something else like re-runs of chappelle show on comedy central or commercials on spike tv. jordin is ok, but needs a lot of work. i suppose that is what people want, a star they can mold and then dispose of when she has some inevitable moment of public drama.

    it must be said that simon’s expression was priceless. he looked as if someone had killed his child. personally, i think the votes swayed to blake and jordin for a reason… they knew he favored her and what better way to get at him than to vote his favorite off.

  8. Anonymous

    Did anyone notice at one point when going to commercial break Ryan said, “And later in the show, Maroon 5, and Melinda goes home.” A more proper wording would’ve probably been “We travel to Melinda’s hometown.” The look on Melinda’s face was priceless. Absolute shock and confusion. She took it the same way I did on first listen.

  9. On the Spot

    Oh wah, wah, wah…Melinda has a very nice voice and professional technique but she’s boring as dirt, neither young nor old, neither beautiful nor ugly. In a week she’ll be recording smooth jazz-backed gospel and no one who reads Idolator will ever hear about her again. At least Blake and Jordan are fun, and you can love them or hate them.

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