Conspiracy Theories And Interminable Montages

May 17th, 2007 // 7 Comments


It’s another male-female final two! It’s the battle of the beatboxer and the 17-year-old pageant chick! Hooray.

WHO’S OUT: As we mentioned last night, Melinda is going home, thus giving adrenaline-deprived viewers the chance to be “shocked” before the finale. But did she know about her fate? Melinda looked scared when they cut to her at the beginning of the show, and when she was being quizzed by Ryan before her first homecoming montage rolled–then, when Ryan teased a commercial break by saying “Melinda goes home,” it seemed like he was almost going to correct himself, and he even frowned at the teleprompter. You can bet that the conspiracy theories will be flying around through next week. (Our favorite? The fact that the Country Music Association Awards Academy of Country Music Awards were on against Idol Tuesday night, thus depriving Melinda of some crucial hometown votes.)

MONTAGE MANIA: If we talk at all about the “homecoming” montages, we’re going to put ourselves to sleep (hey, Simon looked like he was about to doze off, too). They had the obligatory screaming crowds, and local Fox affiliate tie-ins (the station in Arizona even showed a low-speed chase involving Jordin’s limo), and touching moments with friends and family.

DOUBLE YOUR GUESTS: So we missed the album by last year’s third-place finisher, Elliott Yamin, but the song he performed last night actually wasn’t bad, in an Usher knock-off way. His performance came off a bit better than Maroon 5, whose pitch-shifting of “Make Me Wonder” apparently threw off Adam Levine, as he was flat for the bulk of the song. A total disappointment, since the song is en route to being stuck in our “Summer Jams Of ’07″ playlist, but we’re guessing that Blake felt even worse, since he had to actually be on pitch (well, sort of, anyway) during his Maroon 5 performance on Tuesday.

SO WHO’S GOING TO WIN? We have no idea. It could be Blake, because of his fervent teenage-girl supporters; it could be Jordin, since she apparently came in first this week, showing that voters aren’t really thinking about things like pitch when they dial or text in.

PAULA ABDUL OUT-OF-IT SCALE: 9/10. While she didn’t quite reach the heights of her short, strange trip with Jimmy Kimmel, the tears that she apparently shed during Yamin’s performance gave her face a wet glow that only heightened the crazy given off by her leopard-print sheath.

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  1. KurticusMaximus

    Wanna play a fun game? Next time the new Maroon 5 song comes on, sing the chorus to “This Love” over the chorus.

  2. Chris N.

    I know this is all probably rather arcane to anyone outside Nashville, but Tuesday night’s show was the Academy of Country Music Awards, not the Country Music Association Awards.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Thanks for acknowledging what I heard last night – here I am telling my wife, “Ooh, I hate to admit it, but I’ve been enjoying this new Maroon5 song – here, listen…” and then I noticed the pitch change.

    Levine totally dumped it, but my theory is he hasn’t sung it much live yet, and the pitch shift was probably a misguided attempt to put it in a lower register for him. It backfired, obviously.

  4. Maura Johnston

    @Chris N.: Whoops! Sorry about that. I got my ACMAs in my CMAAs. I’ll fix it.

  5. Maura Johnston

    @dennisobell: I’m going to find out tomorrow whether or not that key change is a one-time thing. I hope for the sake of the song that it isn’t.

    (Also I am seeing Daughtryyyyeeeeeee)

  6. Luiis

    Blake should totally win, because:

    a)He is way more marketable than Jordin

    b) Did you watch his “Homecoming” vid? Those cray teen chicks were CRYING when they saw him. He can be the next Sanjaya, but this time with actual talent.

    c) he can beatbox, i think thats kinda interestest, or annoying, not sure which.

    d) He’s mildly humorous. Jordin looks like an air head.

    c) American Idol is no longer a talent show, well it never was. Remember Sanjaya?

  7. Lew

    Wait a minute… You mean Kelly Pickler isn’t in the finals? Dang. That’s just plain wrong.

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