Madonna Gives It Up To Fight Global Warming

snipshot_e4whro01ld2.jpgA new Madonna song, “Hey You”, was made available for free today on MSN’s site as part of the build-up to Al Gore’s Live Earth concert extravaganza. The Pharrell-produced track is not going burn up dance floors anytime soon (think “Toy Soldiers,” not “Deeper And Deeper”), but we encourage you to go over there and snag it (it’s free, after all) for two reasons: one, every download drops a quarter into the coffers of the Alliance for Climate Protection; and two, someone has to encourage Microsoft now that they’ve dipped their toe into the MP3-distribution waters, right?

“Hey You” []
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  • Xenu

    With this abonimable song, Madonna is now officially old. And she bought some patchouli and empowerment books at the Renaissance Faire. Is this awful song – hopefully something wisely kicked to the curb from her forthcoming album – her payback for all those cracks we made about her leotard?

  • Lucas Jensen

    Not a good song, I hate to say, but–damn!–Madonna looks good. She’s 50, right? Jesus. I think I’m more attracted to her now than ever.

    As for the song, I think she needs to get back that Ray of Light freshness she once had. Pharrell seems like a good choice, but it went awry.

  • chrisb

    I agree, that song is awful. The treacly lyrics, the false sincerity, the horrible Little Drummer Boy-esque run at the end. Even American Life was better than this crap.

  • spazandmojo

    lucas, she’s not exactly wrinkle free thanks to photo shop… but, she still looks great for her age regardless. i wish they would allow her to show her age so that the media would stop banging on about the evils of aging. it is so fucking tiring. look at helen mirren… i am gay and 36 and i would still get with her if i had the opportunity.

  • millwhistle

    is it even possible to write a song about global warming without making it suck? I mean, I like polar bears and everything, but still.