Liner Notes: Who Will Do Michael Jackson’s Bidding?

May 17th, 2007 // Comment

jacksonnn.jpg- A Florida businessman is threatening to auction off several “salacious” items from Michael Jackson’s estate, including “paintings Jackson made of children, of boys – naked…[and] some sex aids.” Sold! To the man who likes naked boys and used sex aids! [Page Six]
- Bo Diddley suffered a stroke this weekend, which Keith Richards is expected to rip off any day now. [Billboard]
- After being wrongly arrested in Los Angeles Tuesday night, Ike Turner spent the night in jail, where he froze his ass off with a banana and a cookie. How do we know this? Because the TMZ helpfully writes headlines like “Ike: I Froze My Ass Off with a Banana & a Cookie.” [TMZ]


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