Pantera Guitarist Shreds In Peace

May 18th, 2007 // 7 Comments

ddd.jpgThe Dimebag Darrell memorial plaque: Like a bearded Buddha, you can rub its head for good luck and/or improved riffage. Unveiled yesterday at Hollywood Rock Walk at Guitar Center in L.A.

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  1. Whigged

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: Is that supposed to be, I don’t know, “witty” or something? Cause you sure came off like an asshole on that one.

    How about “Rock and roll craziness or not, I would not wish it upon anyone to be awoken at 3am to hear their son had been shot five times in the skull.”

    The general hilarity is all fine and good here, but come on, the Abbotts are good people, show some class.

  2. Dick Laurent is dead.

    @Whigged: Death is always funny, besides, this is the internet and no cow is too sacred for us not to tip over, milk, grind up into hamburger and then make a snappy coat out of its skin.

    My guess? “Better or worse than that Morrison fella’s one?”

  3. Halfwit

    Ugh… the day people can’t recognize an awesome “Heathers” reference…

  4. BrooklynSkiClub

    It’s always funny when old dudes mix up the surfer “hang ten” hand gesture with the “metal horns” hand gesture.

  5. Tenno

    “You tip the beers like this! The hookers love it.”

    Well, he’s dead now. I can’t wait for his post-life record releases.

  6. Vince Neilstein

    At the risk of being not funny where funny is the norm:

    R.I.P. Dime.

  7. Teen_Idle

    Some rockstars die in ways that are ironic or amusing.

    There’s nothing funny about someone so gifted being murdered in the prime of his life.

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