Leak Of The Day: Chris Cornell Wants You To Forget About Audioslave

May 18th, 2007 // 9 Comments

cornell.jpgFormer Soundgarden/Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s second solo album, Carry On, comes out next month, and one thing’s for sure: It’s definitely better than the last Audioslave record, although nothing reaches the heights of his Singles soundtrack contribution “Seasons.” The dirgey “Billie Jean” cover is 45% as bad as we were expecting, and the rest of the album is made up of straight-ahead rock songs that put his slightly craggier voice at the forefront:

Chris Cornell – Ghosts [MP3, link expired]
Chris Cornell – Billie Jean [MP3, link expired]
Chris Cornell [MySpace]

  1. PengIn

    I don’t know. I’ve found it interesting how terrible it’s been.

  2. BrooklynSkiClub

    “Seasons” is great but the acoustic version of “Like Suicide” on the SFW soundtrack is amazing. I liked some of his first solo album but all the crap I’ve been hearing lately is pretty awful. The “Billie Jean” cover isn’t half bad until it gets to the chorus and then it completely falls apart.

  3. J DTZR

    Cornell looks pretty good for being 57 and all

  4. antistar

    I know you guys like to bash Audioslave, but their first album was solid. That’s why it still gets massive airplay. And like I have said in previous posts, Cornell apparently needs to collaborate with other musicians, because his new album is crap. It will flop also. The only hope for airplay is the “Billie Jean” cover. EVERY Audioslave album is easily better than “Carry On”.

  5. Axl Rosenberg

    Chris, Chris, Chris… it’s time to get Soundgarden back together. Or quit the business. Your choice.

  6. D Day

    I was only a moderate Soundgarden fan (they lost me at Spoonman), loved the Singles songs, never heard the 1st CC solo album…but went to see him live a few weeks ago & was very surprised and impressed. Not only of how good the SG stuff has stood the test of time, but several of the new songs were great. Don’t know the name, but there’s one where the 2 guitars riff back and forth in the intro in a very Stone-sy fashion. The show was really good & his band rocked. That being said, the Billie Jean cover sucked and was a terrible idea to begin with.

  7. phelander

    CC doing MJ….Kurt and Joe and Joey and Sid in a shoe commercial…maybe it’s not global warming…maybe it’s – GLOBAL SUCKING! Duhn duhn duhnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  8. Luiis

    Chris Cornell has nothing on Michael Jackson.


  9. Kodiak

    He’s not 57! he’s born at 20 juli 1964. So he’s 44 :)

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