Brandon Flowers’ Living, Breathing Doctor’s Note

Last night at Red Rocks in Denver, The Killers canceled their show two songs in because of an apparent voice-threatening throat ailment suffered by Brandon Flowers–a claim backed up by the doctor who came out onstage after the show’s abrupt end. The blogger behind Merry Swankster was there and flouting the ban on cameras, and he caught the doctor’s announcement on video. No word on the cause of Flowers’ woes–maybe it was the high altitude?

Killers cancel Red Rocks – Doctor explains [YouTube, via Merry Swankster]

  • Hallux Valgus

    hey, it’s Dr. buzz! I miss Dr. Buzz

  • RepentTokyo

    i hope it’s permanent, ala spin doctors.

  • Ahh! Jim lad!

    Wow, I could have been at that show last night. I was at the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show instead. Red Rocks tickets are very expensive. I’m seeing a show there next week for something like 60 bucks a ticket (at least, expensive compared to shows like the BRMC one which were 16.50 a ticket). It must really suck for the audience to pay 60 bucks to see a mediocre band drop out after 2 songs.

  • Kodiak

    LOL! He sounds like Mr. Macky from Southpark! M’kay; :)