50 Cent-Cam’ron Feud Reaches Unspeakable Heights

Yesterday, an underwear-clad Cam’ron released a video responding to 50 “Cuurtis” Cent, who tried to extend the long-standing feud between the two by claiming that Cam’ron was in hiding somewhere. Cam used his video pulpit to claim that he was on vacation and that this summer would be “hot”; a preview of that heat was provided by the follow-up clip (above), which gives 50 a taste of what is, as far as we know, the first ever dis track to be based on John Cage’s “4’33″.”

Cam’ron Answering To Curtis On Vacation Part 2 [OnSmash, via Nah Right]

  • Audif Jackson Winters III

    That was Cam’s freestyle, “What I Would Say To The Police If I Discovered That A Serial Killer Was Living Next Door To Me”.