Outro: Looking Back At A Week In Which Everyone Sold Their Sole For A Quick Buck

May 18th, 2007 // Comment

- These boots were made for mocking.
- The week in leaks: Art Brut, Kanye West, Spoon and…Sisqo?
- We’re all over this disappearing-artist trend like white on Damien Rice.
- Amy Winehouse has a three-way with Spin and Rolling Stone.
- His name is Prince. And he is pricey.
- The Lounge: Kind of like a real lounge, except even less exciting.
- The American Idol vote-off controversy: We wanted to call it Melindagate, but that was already taken.
- Linkin Park is not a tough act to follow.
- Veronica Mars mentions Pitchfork, and then gets canceled. Coincidence? We think not.
- The IdoLawyer responds to the impersonator-haters.
- Off with Adam Levine’s head! Or something like that.
- This week’s Project X column featured a few Akon cameos.
- A Pete Nice impersonator. We shit ye not.
- What, no encore?

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