Stuck On Repeat: Interpol Gets Even Darker Than Usual

May 18th, 2007 // 2 Comments

interpolll.jpgThanks to the Not Your Usual Bollocks podcast for cluing us in to this apparently years-old Datassette cover of Interpol’s “Untitled.” While the song was pretty bleak to begin with, Datassette (a.k.a. J.M. Davies) turns into a throbbing electro-pop number that Buffalo Bill would have listened to, presumably while putting the lotion and/or other assorted skin-care items into the basket:

Datassette – Untitled (Interpol cover) [MP3, link expired]
Datassette [Official Site]

  1. sleazysean

    His remix of Young Folks is pretty fab as well.

  2. the rich girls are weeping

    OMG, a “Goodbye Horses” funny. Oh, Idolator!

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