Leak Of The Day: Rihanna Gets Behind The Wheel

May 21st, 2007 // 11 Comments

Rihanna-pic.jpgRihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad leaked over the Internet this weekend, and for once, we wish the album had stayed a secret for just a few days longer, as we are yet to become sick of “Umbrella.” We’ve only been able to give the record one quick spin, but we have two predictions: 1) This thing is going to sell a geemillion copies, file-sharing or no file-sharing; and 2) the joys of the club-clammering “Shut Up And Drive” should be enjoyed now, as it will be inescapable once the kids get their hands on it:

Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive [MP3, link expired]
Rihanna – Say It [MP3, link expired]

  1. Xenu

    “Shut Up and Drive” is a seriously fun-ass song, and now it is lodged squarely in the little crinkly portions of my cerebral cortex. Thanks a lot, Idolator.

  2. dollywould

    Man, Beyoncé is gonna be pissed. Rihanna’s new stuff is sooo much better.

  3. Seccotine

    wow, idolator gives with one hand a takes away with the other … that has to be the least flattering picture i’ve ever seen of rihanna.

    • lennyziito

      i luv u justin ur evryhteing to me never die plz lol anyway cant wait to see u in concert luv u baby lol im on a roll lol shut up emily any way luv u bye

  4. br76klyn

    Cool song. Lots of fun.

    Does it sound like Blue Monday to anyone else? All I can hear is “How do I feel tell me now how do I feel.”

  5. Aleb

    @heidiho: LOL, yeah, and I actually think that “Hate That I Love You” had “B Hates That I Love You” as working title…

  6. Luiis

    “Shut Up and Drive” is a definite hot one.
    This year’s “Unfaithful” is definitely “I Hate That I Love You” featuring Ne-Yo.

    Great RnB Collab, their vocals seem to mesh together like puddy, its really good.

    Take a listen:

  7. Lilly

    I love Rihanna as much as the next girl but “Shut Up and Drive” sounds like a Chevy commercial, especially when it gets into that contrived breakdown.

  8. lesbiansayswhat

    when i first heard rihanna i didn’t think she was black..and when i saw she was black i was terrified. i have never heard a black female voice sounding so shallow. this track proves she has improved but why does every new r&b female artist have to sound like beyonce? maybe it’s an age thing but mary j has conquered the pop/dance charts and still has a voice like traditional r&b.

  9. I_R_Babboon

    Nice to see her producers showing some creativity and not sampling Orgy’s- Blue Monday. Bubble gum pop has hit a new low.

  10. jfos

    I`m a great fan of Beyonce. I love her with her voice and beautiful body. But Rihanna as been a nuclear bomb. In two years and age yong, RiRi manece the queen, as provoke Beyoncé`jealouse and today contest the first place in world top´s and winn in all poll and survey. I think RiRi is more beautiful as Beyonce, with eyes and jamb unike and atration magnetic power. Even beautiful and sensual, Beyonce fall into discredit becase want make war with Rihanna and loose.

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