A Triumvirate Of Terror

May 21st, 2007 // 9 Comments

weenie.jpgChester Bennington, Jared Leto and a post-op Cowardly Lion vie for the title of “Least Flattering Photo” at this weekend’s KROQ Weenie Roast 2007.

[Photo: Getty Images]


  1. catdirt

    jared leto looks SO GOOD

  2. Ted Striker

    I did NOT need this on a Monday. Think of the children.

  3. Anonymous

    That IS Mickey Rourke on the end, yes? Because yikes.

  4. Xenu

    Are those outtakes from Grindhouse?

  5. noamjamski

    Just take a deep breath and keep saying to yourself “it is downloading that is killing music.”

  6. Tenno

    From the way Chester and Jon are leaning, they are obviously providing mental bookends for Jared’s tremendous ego. Which is good since he is obviously in the middle of transcending his next rock opus: a tale of love and war in the Viking ages. It will be a 7 minute, 50 million dollar epic and performed entirely en’vilue’.

    I so made that word up. That’s how epic it is.

  7. FionaScrapple

    Is Jonathan Davis making his “My Daddy touched me here!” pose?

  8. Hertz32

    This makes me want to pee out of my ass

  9. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Jared Leto is 35 years old?…my senses are now doubly offended.

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