Music Bloggers Get The Wrong Kind Of Editors

There are a lot of inexplicable go-to obsessions in the music blogosphere: The constant album-cover polls, for example. And the non-stop use of the word “totally,” as in “I totally want to know what you think of this album cover!” But nothing is more aggravating than when a middling artist lucks into a dry record-release schedule and, by virtue of nothing else going on, suddenly becomes the BEST! BAND! EVER! This month, it’s Editors. What gives?

Musically, you can’t say anything about Editors that hasn’t already been said a million different times: The band sounds like Interpol. Not the groups that spawned Interpol–Chameleons, Joy Division, etc. Instead, Editors sounds as if it formed right after hearing “Slow Hands” on Radio 1. There are no other apparent frames of reference to be found in the band’s music, except on this new track, on which the group sounds as if it switched stations long enough to catch a Snow Patrol song.

But the problem here is not the Editors’ ho-hum music; rather, the fault lies with the music bloggers who get all breathlessly hot n’ bothered about whatever remotely alt-rockin’ guitar band comes their way. It’s been a few years since the yup-rock boom of ’03 to ’05–a period when Sufjan/Interpol/Death Cab/the Shins and the like were seemingly everywhere–and many a music blog aligned itself with that movement, only to watch it take a creative nosedive. In 2007, there are simply a lot more interesting things to listen to than a bunch of bookish white guys with guitars, especially when most of them so closely resemble those other bookish white guys with guitars.

And yet, the music bloggers soldier on, giving readers the hard-sell on bands destined to peter out after one or two so-so singles; at this point, they’re almost as delusional and hype-herpe’d as NME. So long as there remains an insatiable desire for something new to covert and champion, we’ll have boilerplates bands like Editors shoved down our throats (a process that, coincidentally, will make you sing like Paul Banks). It’s a stagnating turn of events. Scratch that: It’s a totally stagnating turn of events.

  • brasstax

    Eh whatever, I actually like Editors more than Interpol and most of the other ones that came around a few years ago.

    But I know what you mean, Idolator.

  • Catbirdseat

    Congrats on wholeheartedly jumping on the Blogger-Bitch-Wagon, guys! Don’t worry, I’ll drive.

  • Whigged

    I’ll never forget, about a year ago, I interviewed the singer from Editors, and I asked if all the Joy Division comparisons bothered him.

    He answered, completely unflinchingly, “Yeah, because before we made the record, I had never even listened to them.”

    I started laughing at him, I seriously thought he was shitting me, but he got all upset and almost got up and left.

    He then spent then next 15 minutes explaining why the band, himself in particular, were ripping off REM and Michael Stipe much more so than Joy Division. Upon further listening, I have to admit to being almost convinced.

  • sleazysean

    Can’t jump into bed with you on this one, Idolator. Liked that first Editor’s album and think the Interpol comparisons are a little lazy. If anything, the band sound a lot like Doves (vocally anyway).

  • Anonymous

    “It’s been a few years since the yup-rock boom of ’03 to ’05–a period when Sufjan/Interpol/Death Cab/the Shins and the like were seemingly everywhere–and many a music blog aligned itself with that movement, only to watch it take a creative nosedive.”

    YOU’RE shitting ME, right? That boom ain’t over. Wilco? Bright Eyes? Feist? (ok, she’s a bookish white GIRL with a guitar, but still.) Not to mention that the Shins released another album this year, Ben Gibbard’s cover of “All Apologies” is circulating around Hype Machine despite its shitty recording quality, and most blogs would post an mp3 of Sufjan Stevens taking a leak if he decided to release one. The only reason that things are quiet about those bands is because they haven’t released anything new.

    But if you ask me, the only reason anyone freaks out over the Editors is because they’re backed by Fader.

  • Airsank

    This reminds me of another painfully average band that was recently awarded BEST BAND IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER status but I can’t remember their name. I think it sounds like the Starcade Liar or something like that.

  • Lucas Jensen

    Sorry, but Arcade Fire is way > than Editors. That’s not even something that can be debated.

  • Ned Raggett

    @Lucas Jensen: Actually I think they’re about of equal worth.

  • Xenu

    @Lucas Jensen: I hope you’re being ironic. Arcade Fire sucks big green ones.

    Anyway, I like Editors, too. They’re definitely not the greatest band ever, but even I find this one toe over the line. (I agree with you, brasstax. I like Editors more than Interpol.) Just because their fans are assholes, does it mean the band should be punished? If so, the aforementioned Arcade Fire would have been led to the guillotine a year ago.

  • brainchild

    the trackademicks remix of “bullets” is pretty dope. i haven’t heard anything else from them.

  • Xenu

    @brainchild: The Back Room is solid, and they’re much better live than on album.

  • hndinglove

    editors’ cover of REM’s ‘orange crush’ is shockingly faithful. i’d believe that more than joy division.

    and the new single off the record that’s not about smoking in hospitals is very good.

  • Paul D

    I concur. I saw them at a small venue in Cincinnati and it was great.

    Also, I’m gonna jump on the “Arcade Fire is auditory dog doo-doo” bandwagon. I’ll take Editors OR Interpol any day.

  • Paul D

    But seriously, the Arcade Fire is great…



  • Moff

    My roommate had an extra ticket, so I saw Editors last year. If any of the band had watched the show and then decided to write a song about it, it would go like this:

    Droning, droning, droning, everything’s droning
    And I’m singing the same lyrics
    Droning, droning, droning, everything’s droning
    And I’m just re-repeating the same verse and chorus

    [Repeat ad infinitum]

  • highlifer

    I like Editors too, ever since they went head-to-head with Madonna at Coachella last year and came out of it alive. the comment about Joy Division I’ve read too, and it’s a bit rubbish (even the NAMES of their songs sound like Joy Division songs) but I don’t think they’re deserving of scorn. If anything, I’d say they’re a bit UNDER-RATED.

  • GoodbyeGhost

    Wow, an overheated rant about overheated blog praise? A blog creating music news where there is no music news by sniping at blogs who hype “bad” bands when there are no “good” bands to hype (and no music news to report)? And the whole steaming pile, wrapped up nice and clean in a typically lazy bit of faux-criticism. Guess I’m a sucker for swear words in post-titles. As usual, Idolator, you squander your talents (and my goodwill) on the sort of reactionary, hive-mind drivel that you claim to rail against. And I hate the Editors.