Some People Wait A Lifetime For A Liveblog Like This, But You’ll Only Have To Wait Until 8 ET

May 22nd, 2007 // 1 Comment of you who have been following American Idol‘s long journey from the days of Sundance Head and Antonella Barba are probably going to be both relieved and a little sad this week, when the show culminates in a splashy two-part finale that pits beatboxing Blake Lewis and princess-in-the-making Jordin Sparks against one another in a battle of larynxes. (The latest odds on the Sparks/Lewis throwdown, perhaps unsurprisingly, favor Jordin, although who knows how America will be swayed by Doug E. Fresh’s rumored appearance with Blake.)

We’ll be live-blogging both halves of the show, so if you’re watching live make sure to join us tonight and tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET. Only together can we will the producers to change their minds about this Sanjaya reality show, which apparently will be teased this evening as well.

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  1. JudgeFudge

    In the photo above, it looks like Jordan and Blake are the most awkward couple to show up at the prom.

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