The “American Idol” Finale Just Got 110% More Interesting

May 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments

paula_abdul_mean.jpgOh, Paula:

A spokesperson for Paula Abdul confirmed to “Extra” that over the weekend, Abdul tripped trying to avoid her Chihuahua, Tulip.

As a result of the fall, the “American Idol” judge broke her nose.

The spokesperson told “Extra” that contrary to reports, Paula was not hospitalized.

No word on what she’s been prescribed in order to deal with the pain. Seriously, though, this has to be a ratings ploy for tomorrow night’s show, right? Right?

Paula Abdul Breaks Her Nose [Extra, via Idol Chatter]
[Photo via Reality TV Magazine]

  1. Deadly Tango

    If she breaks out the Rip Hamilton mask, I might actually watch Idol for the first time ever.

  2. Butch Huskey

    she couldn’t wait 48 hours to get the nose job?

  3. Jude

    serves her right for actually allowing that thing to walk around instead of being toted about like some stuffed toy.

    has she no etiquette?

  4. Lew

    You’ve got me knocked out.
    Baby there’s no doubt,
    You swept me off my feet.

    Ouch. And after doing so well with that 6′ cat all those years on tour.

  5. Ahh! Jim lad!

    The drugs she’s taking for this are probably going to push her to 10/10 on the Out of it Scale this week.

  6. Lew


    Those aren’t drugs. They’re… Um… Performance Enhancers!

  7. chocomel

    that’s it, time to start the over under on her getting fired. sure, acting doped up on air makes for good water cooler buzz, but smashing your honker the night before the final episode might fall under “creepy weird” and not “funny weird”

    so, should we go with 12 weeks from tomorrow night? say August 15? i’m thinking she’s not going to make it until then, but regardless, my money says it happens over an extended weekend like July 4 or Labor Day.

    And hey, I had always heard that if you punch someone in the nose just right, bone shards will shoot into their brain and kill them instantly. either that is just some urban legend, or it doesn’t work if you just fall on your face.

  8. chocomel

    and where is the justice? elliott smith falls onto a knife and dies, while paula abdul trips and only breaks her nose.

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