Listening Station: Hey, You, Lil’ Mama Doesn’t Like Your Girlfriend Either

May 22nd, 2007 // 11 Comments

We weren’t too crazy about Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”–listening to it is still the aural equivalent of getting hit in the face by an overly caffeinated 14-year-old for three and a half minutes–so our expectations for the remix of the track featuring “Lip Gloss” rapper Lil’ Mama were low. But Lil’ Mama’s rapidfire verses are dizzying and charming–and as a bonus, they almost minimize Avril’s contributions to the track enough for us to forget about that whole “motherfucking princess” bait-and-switch:

Avril Lavigne featuring Lil Mama – Girlfriend (Remix) [MP3, link expired; via Blender Blog]
Lil Mama [MySpace]


  1. Ceiling Cat

    If Avril had been around in high school I would have wanted to beat her up, for sure. Lucky I am all mature now.

  2. Mike Barthel

    wtf, is this remix sponsored by Stylus? Are they marketing things directly to pop nerds now?

  3. janine

    Thanks for the remix. @MJ: I know how you feel. That song has many things I like, but the vocal is somehow listless and disinterested. It’s like a sugar rush rather than real excitement. I can’t wait to get home and listen to this, though, my niece got me into “Lip Gloss.”

  4. Luiis

    I love it how Avril Lavigne thinks she’s so PUNK ROCK. This song is obviously aimed at 14 year old myspace junkies, adding a myspace-hyped artist like Lil’ Mama onto the track just makes Avril look more ridiculous.
    But i gotta say, The Japanese version is trippy as fuck.

  5. sleazysean

    This is a rare case where I would have enjoyed the remix gutting the original to the point where it was unrecognizable. This still has too much Avril stink on it.

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