Snap Judgments: Who Will Wear This Season’s “Idol” Crown?

May 22nd, 2007 // 10 Comments

Now that the final night of performances is over, we have but one question on our minds: Who’s going to win? (Well, actually, we have a second question: Are the Idol powers that be really going to release “This Is My Now” as the single if Blake wins? Because that song fits him even worse than the tuxedo T-shirt did. But we’ll focus on the first one, for now.) Vote for your choice of winner below, and in 24 hours or so, we’ll see just how much our demographic has its finger on the pulse of the people who are willing to spend four hours calling and texting in their votes!

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  1. Thierry

    Blake just tanked with that performance of the godawful “This Is My Now” – he looked like he was actually making fun of the song! Jordin should win this, unless there are far more “Blaker girls” than I suspect…

  2. brasstax

    I’m voting for Jordin, but it’s kind of like when I voted for John Kerry in 2004. I’m less than thrilled.

  3. Luiis

    Heres a post with reasons why blake should win!

  4. DigitalLogic

    Jordin will win, but in the long run Blake will have a more memorable career.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    @DigitalLogic: Agreed. Well, “memorable” is a stretch, but if he hooks up with some hot/smart producers, he stands a chance of making a cool post-Timberlake pop record.

    But yeah, Jordin in a walk. Blake was sabotaged by that POS contest-winning song.

  6. spazandmojo


    sorry, i actually wasn’t trying to come across as hyper critical of her. i liked her more than most, i just felt it was a bit predictable in presentation in the long run, but that is why i chalked it up to age. i was just trying to say ultimately there is more to emoting in a song then what she exhibited, but that i had hope for her.

    and i am actually rooting for her against blake…

  7. Dan Gibson

    The KISS station here in Phoenix had an all out campaign to garner votes for Jordin last night. I’d be shocked if she doesn’t win.

  8. antistar

    I thought it was a pretty lackluster finale(part 1). There wasn’t much passion in either one of them, which shouldn’t surprise me.

  9. rad_matter

    There’s no “other” option?

  10. Thierry

    @rad_matter: No, because it’s assumed the terrorists have already won.

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