The Vault: The Newest Smashing Pumpkin’s Shoegazy Past

May 23rd, 2007 // 26 Comments

Now that the names of the people subbing for D’Arcy and James Iha in Smashing Pumpkins have been revealed, the scramble for information about them has begun. Below, we’ve posted two songs from past projects of brand-new guitarist Jeff Schroeder, who’s been kicking around the Christian alt-rock scene for the past 10 years or so. “El Rey,” by Schroeder’s shoegazer outfit the Lassie Foundation, has giant pillows of guitar as its foundation, while a good 50% of the writeups we found for the 1996 album by the Violet Burning, which featured Schroeder on guitar, referenced “Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins.” That should provide some comfort to anyone worried about this Pumpkins incarnation’s version of “Silverfuck”:

The Lassie Foundation – El Rey [MP3, link expired]
The Violet Burning – Arabic Radio Tremolo [MP3, link expired]


  1. Dan Gibson

    @Ned Raggett: I can’t bring myself to link to it, but it’s out there.

  2. Ned Raggett

    No indeed. Don’t link it. Never link it. And never mention this to me or to anyone else again.

  3. westartedthis

    as if smashing pumpkins fans aren’t equally weird and protective? i mean, sure they’ve sold millions and they have casual fans everywhere, but until someone tries to convince you that “adore” is their best record, or that “melon collie” was “not long enough,” you don’t really know the extent of it.

    all the lassie foundation fans are too busy studying for their Pentateuch and Biblical Hermeneutics finals to post comments here.

  4. Ned Raggett

    @westartedthis: until someone tries to convince you that “adore” is their best record

    I know a number of people who say this! And I don’t entirely need convincing, actually.

  5. Dan Gibson

    @westartedthis: Which band is more likely to spawn Google search fueled commenting, however? SP may have the numbers, but Lassie has the devotion war won, I think.

    That being said, LF devotion is only a sideline of the Prayer Chain cult that stinks up most Christian rock discussion.

  6. westartedthis

    it’s weird, i hardly hear anyone talk about the prayer chain anymore. people have even stopped clamoring for a reunion!

    but to get the discussion somewhat back on track – does it even matter who else is in the smashing pumpkins? didn’t billy play everything on siamese dream except drums anyway?

  7. Dan Gibson

    @westartedthis: I blame Richard Swift. He’s distracting our finest people from being truly devoted to outdated acts from the past.

    w/r/t SP, if we can’t obsess over lineup changes, what will we have left?

  8. westartedthis

    Dan, i’ve just come to a horrible realization:

    we are the weirdo Christian Rock contingent at this time

  9. Dan Gibson

    @westartedthis: OH CRAP YOU’RE RIGHT.

    Can someone call JoeBananas?

  10. hndinglove

    here’s a thought: starflyer 59 AND the lassie foundation are actually great bands. who cares if they’re christian?

  11. NedRaggett

    I don’t, I just want ‘em to be good. That said most of the bands mentioned all just sounded like knockoffs of things I like better. (Joy Electric I’ll make an exception for, they’re kinda sweet in their own way.)

  12. Dan Gibson

    @hndinglove: Christians care, hndinglove. We have to grab whatever bits of talent we can claim as our own, even if the style of music they play hasn’t been trendy in nearly two decades.

  13. AcidReign

    …..I bought a couple of Stryper albums back in the day… They were sort of a squeaky-clean variant of the Judas Priest style. Christian hair-metal. Kind of an amazing oxymoron back in the day. I got tossed off the Usher’s Guild at my church around that time because my hair was too long…

    …..Thanks Idolator, for fixing the Violet link. It wasn’t bad!

  14. Lucas Jensen

    I always really liked Starflyer 59, and a lot of the stuff on Northern Records. Frank Lenz put out a hot Soul record once; I think it was actually called the Hot Stuff. I was way into that. Duraluxe had good records, too. Fine China’s recorded some good tracks.

  15. RSL

    Aw… Duraluxe. Now _there’s_ a band that we should be eulogizing. Chrissy rides soundboards for Sufjan and others now. Sigh.

    And for what it’s worth… Am I the sole atheist Lassie fan?

  16. Reidicus

    Augh!! My worlds are colliding! Make it stop!

  17. J DTZR

    The Duraluxe boys were NOT Christians, I can assure you fo that.

  18. RSL

    1. I never claimed they _were_, but 2. I’m pretty sure Chrissy was/is.

  19. Trackback

    Ginger Reyes Though the latest lineup for the Smashing Pumpkins consists of just two original members (Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin) it appears the “hot female bass player” quota has been filled according to the unofficial job description.

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