Liner Notes: Special “For The Ladies” Edition

May 23rd, 2007 // 4 Comments

evee.jpg- Despite the fact that police clocked her blood-alcohol level at .08, Eve claims she was not driving drunk when she wrecked her car in Hollywood last month, which pits the impeccable word of the L.A. cops against the equally credible word of a sports-car loving celebrity. [AP]
- The Italians are mad at Barbra Streisand for her high concert-ticket prices. which range from $200 to $1,200. Come on, Italians! There are so many better things to hate her for! Do you not get Showtime Women? They air The Prince Of Tides once a night! [AP]
- Britney Spears’ audience has been reduced to trannies and gay guys,” which means she’ll be famous for another fifty years or so. [Page Six]

  1. chrisb

    “Britney Spears’ audience has been reduced to trannies and gay guys”

    Works for Madonna.

  2. Tenno

    Something tells me the Streisand ‘mosh pit’ has way more purses than anyone, even Italian, could possibly be comfortable with.

    Whoa. This thing know when I misspell ‘Streisand’…. fucking Matrix.

  3. valido

    Proud to be italian. That’s exactly what I call “Fight for your right to party”. Find me in the mosh pit.

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