Listening Station: Velvet Revolver Rages Against The Machine

May 25th, 2007 // 2 Comments

vrevolver.jpg“She Builds Quick Machines” is the first single from Velvet Revolver’s not-particularly-well-named Libertad, and as far as ongoing intra-band struggle between STP and GNR, this is one is definitely in Weiland’s wheelhouse (that “push right now” bit, which could have been lifted straight from Core). We’re feeling ho-humish on this one–it’s hard to believe anyone still believes rhyming “exes” with “Texas” is a novel lyrical tactic–but we’ll hold off further judgment until we hear Libertad‘s token power ballad (“Fall To Pieces” still makes the magic):

Velvet Revolver – She Builds Quick Machines [MP3, link expired; via Deaf Indie Elephants]

  1. insert_namehere

    Focusing primarily on the issue of “Texas/exes”, might I suggest following:

    Product tie-in positioning = Lexus
    Macho posturing = flexes
    Stiff Records nostalgia = Dexy’s
    Contemporary musician reference = Beck sez

    Actually, tangentalizing from that last point, I’d have obfuscated the rhyme for a Texas with the sound of a leaf blower anyway.

  2. FionaScrapple

    Not bad, but kinda “butt-rock”ish. If ya know what I mean.

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