Outro: Looking Back At A Week That Was Our Now

May 25th, 2007 // Comment

- American Idol: It’s all over except the 8,436 songs that will rule pop radio from now until next January.
- Only together can we fight the canonization of Sgt. Pepper.
- Linkin Park may have sold a ton of records, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sad.
- Doc Martens fears the wrath of Courtney Love, angry ’90s revivalists.
- Morning-radio DJs: They obliterated the fine line between clever and stupid long ago.
- Our anonymous magazine critic wants you to feel his Vibe.
- Veronica Mars was too good for this TV world.
- We can’t decide if R. Kelly is crazy good or crazy crazy.
- The new Smashing Pumpkins guitarist is no stranger to Billy Corgan’s aesthetic.
- Perez Hilton somehow thinks writing about music is as lucrative as MS Painting coke-noses on Lindsay Lohan. Anybody want to break the news to him?
- Music bloggers may not need Editors, but Stephen King could definitely use one.
- Masturbation is now a crime on MTV.
- Enya and Elton John fight over Steve Irwin.
- The week in leaks: Rihanna, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lauryn Hill, and crazy, crazy, crazy R. Kelly.

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