Leak Of The Day, Part II: Tegan And Sara And Several Excitable Music Bloggers

May 29th, 2007 // 15 Comments

tegan_sara.jpgTegan and Sara’s forthcoming The Con leaked all over the Internet this weekend, proving that even a three-day holiday can’t keep the kids from their Canadian power-pop. The Con is the duo’s first record since 2004′s fantasmo So Jealous, and the synth-heavy title track is bound to please anyone pining for the new-wave-revival revival:

Tegan and Sara – The Con [MP3, link expired]
Tegan and Sara [MySpace]

  1. lucasg

    for years, just the sight of these two sends me in to a rage. i don’t know why.

  2. davidm

    This album was all over the torrent sites, so many people were seeding it, that it downloaded insanely quickly.
    Not..that I know anything about that.

  3. NickEddy

    I like them, or rather I loved “I Know, I Know, I Know” enough that that bathes them in a positive glow…but on first listen this song was the longest 3:26 of my life. This may be the reason the track length on the Windows player reads as 5:15, like there’s another two minutes in another dimension of boring that escaped into this track.

    Glad I watched that NOVA on string theory now.

  4. musicquizking

    Their haircuts annoy me.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    Can I confess? I continue to not “get” Tegan & Sara, and I’ve had ample opportunity: seen them live, twice (they opened for other folks I went to see); even bought So Jealous - on an expensive plastic disc and everything. And I continue to find them minimally diverting, at best.

    On occasion, they’re good songwriters – “Walking with a Ghost” was very good, and I liked Jack White’s cover – and live, I find them very charming: the sisterly patter, etc. But their songs, as recorded/performed, just never seem to find themselves for me.

    This new one is a case in point: the first half is near-excellent, but then they kind of lose the plot around the bridge and the whole thing just runs out of gas.

    Plus, as Trouser Press‘s Ira Robbins once said (disparagingly) about Sting, “His voice is still his voice.” I find their two-part girly yelp at times charming but mostly grating.

  6. zaky

    I love ‘em. And I used to despise them, way back when they were opening up for Rufus Wainwright on his Poses tour. But now I hate him instead :)

  7. Rilo-Andy

    I have to say I love this, and I don’t care who knows. Something about haunting female vocals and wicked guitars get my blood pumping. Heart, I’m looking at you and your “Barracuda”…

  8. Trackback

    Two more tracks off the upcoming White Stripes album have leaked, so gentlemen, start your opinions. I personally think “Too Bizarre to be a Single” is decent, but I prefer “Songs With Parenthesis in their Title are Really Inconvenient (But That’s Not Stopping Us.)

  9. winterfruits

    I love these girls. <3! The Con is a little less pop than So Jealous but I love it all the same. The titular track is probably my favorite (but how adorable is Back in Your Head? I was listening to it on the subway and had this big ridiculous doofy grin on my face. I have no shame either way but after I realized I had to sort of contain myself.)

    Though I still think If It Was You is my favorite T&S album, I have to say The Con comes close. Maybe it will grow on me a little bit more.

  10. Feh Am Legend

    I just figure I’m too old to really get ‘em, but I kind of like this. A bit wordy, but they’re like, what, 17?

  11. Luiis

    I bit older. Since one of their songs are called “Nineteen” and its more of a reminiscent song

  12. VanillaXtraDry

    “here i am” sends chills down my spine. i think its just the live version though…

  13. dozens12

    Thanks for the heads up!

  14. phil anderson

    @zaky: Poor Rufus. It’s the lederhosen, isn’t it?

  15. madeephantom

    Actually, they’re 26. This is their fourth? album I believe. I’ve been listening to them since for about 5 years now. I’m a huge fan of their early albums, but they never seem to disappoint me. I plan to buy their album no matter if I download it now or not.

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