Paul McCartney Wants His HSN

May 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments

maccaaa.jpgPaul McCartney has announced that he’ll be hawking his forthcoming album, Memory Almost Full, on the Home Shopping Network in a special this week. While this news is being met with gnashed teeth in some quarters, we actually don’t see much of a problem with the idea of McCartney taking to the airwaves for the purpose of moving units–hey, it even worked for Neil Sedaka. (However, we reserve the right to change our minds if Sir Paul devotes any of the half-hour to a rendition of “Freedom.”)

Multichannel Retailer HSN Teams With Hear Music to Create 30-Minute Television Special in Honor of New Paul McCartney Release of Memory Almost Full, [PR Newswire, via Hypebot]
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  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    “All You Need Is Cash”

    Seriously, though, why would someone get upset about this? Hard to see it as anything more than a guy wanting people to hear his music, maybe even people who (gasp!) don’t spend a ton of time thinking about music.

  2. Chris N.

    Records don’t sell themselves, folks. Not to baby boomers, anyway.

  3. Jupiter8

    Throw in a Little Giant Ladder System and you’ve got a deal.

  4. brasstax

    It’d be much easier for me to make fun of this if the album weren’t good. But it is! Damn you, Paul McCartney for not sucking.

  5. Lucas Jensen

    His last one was alright, too. Certainly not an embarrassment. That interview in the Fork was interesting.

  6. Diglett

    I would say that the odds of “Freedom” making it into that broadcast are 1/1.

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