Leak Of The Day, Part III: The New Pornographers Hit The Beach

nps.jpgThe first sample of the New Pornographers’ forthcoming album Challenger debuted today, and it’s a lovely track that starts off sleepy, then ramps up thanks in large part to a few perfectly placed “oohs” here and there. If only it had been around for our outdoors adventures over the long weekend, but we suppose that’s what the rest of the summer is for, right?

The New Pornographers – My Rights Versus Yours [MP3, link expired]
The New Pornographers [MySpace]

  • brasstax

    It’s not quite “Use It,” but it did the trick. I’m now officially counting down to 8/21.

  • mishaps


  • Trackback

    Some more new music: Idolator has got a first mp3 from the new New Pornographers soon-arriving Challenger album.

  • Feh Am Legend

    Not the giddy highs of a lot of their other tracks, but so far they’ve proved to be a band that can do no wrong. I’m with brasstax: something to look forward to.