Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Metal Sludge?

May 29th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Our pals at noticed that the hard rock scandal sheet Metal Sludge has been the victim of a recent hack; it’s the latest sad chapter in the site’s recent decline, which was previously marked by less frequent updates and a sorta gentler tone about even the most absurd aspects of the L.A. Guns/L.A. Guns fracturing. Normally, we wouldn’t blink our eye at a lonely guy who calls himself “Whizzo” doing his thing on the Internet, but judging by this thread on the site’s Gossip Board, the hack has been in effect since Sunday afternoon–an eternity in Internet time, which is worrisome to us. Is this the end? And if it is, where the heck are we going to get our Jizzy Pearl updates now?

Apparently the main page has been hacked by whizzo…. [Metal Sludge Gossip Board]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Early part of this decade, it was easily among the best music sites around — dished out crap, took it, rolled with it, etc. But ever since the Tuff connection was outed it’s all been a slide. Strange as it might sound, the coverage of the Station fire in Providence, while more reactive than investigatory, was the site’s high point — the messages from those who had been there and lost friends and relatives served as a reminder that for all the shits-and-giggles the site thrived because people loved the music that much.

  2. noamjamski

    As awful as the site got, the archives were amazing. Random Thoughts was the best column in the history of the interweb. Does anyone know the true identity of Ozzy Stilborne or what he does now? I hope he is still writing somewhere, and i would love to read it!

  3. musicquizking

    I post on that message board all the time so this is a huge letdown for me.

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