The Vault: Lessons From Mull Historical Society

May 30th, 2007 // 6 Comments

mullcover.jpgAs noted earlier today, one of your Idolators suffered a rather nasty bout of Anglo-fever a few years back, and most of 1999-2002 was spent trying to track down every new, maddeningly over-hyped band to come out of the U.K. There are entire CD-storage shelves lined with regret from this period, but one album that almost justifies the madness is Loss, the 2001 debut album from Scottish act Mull Historical Society. Essentially the work of a one-man band (Colin MacIntyre, who wrote and produced the whole thing), Loss is full of ornately arranged (but never overly precious) pop songs, including the low-key anthem “Animal Cannabus.” It’s well worth a listen, especially since you can get it for a penny at Amazon:

Mull Historical Society – Watching Xanadu [MP3, link expired]
Mull Historical Society – Animal Cannabus [MP3, link expired]
Colin MacIntyre [Official Site]


  1. st-uberman

    Nice one. I’d also nominate “Barcode Bypass” and “This Is Not Who We Were” as the album’s standouts.

  2. scottpl

    Yes to “Barcode Bypass” as well. At the risk of being That Guy, the band probably peaked with its first 7″.

  3. Dan Gibson

    I may be the only person who feels this way, but I really like “Us”, the follow-up to “Loss”. “The Final Arrears” is my jam.

  4. Catbirdseat

    It’s a really good album, though subsequent albums were all pretty much shite.

    (Btw, this once again proves that my CD shelves are essentially identical to Maura’s or Brian’s (or the Brundlefly’d mutant of the two))

  5. JedTheMime

    I vote for “Instead” from this album, but then, I’ve always been a sucker for childrens choirs.

  6. Breliant

    No one going mention that Watching Xanadu sounds uncannily like Darlin’ by The Beach Boys?

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