Leak Of The Day: The New Shellac Song Is Not Lacking In Aggression

May 30th, 2007 // 10 Comments

shellac-cover.jpgExcellent Italian Greyhound–the forthcoming album from Steve Albini-led noisemakers Shellac–has apparently been liberated to the Internet, as we woke up this morning to find an MP3 of “Steady As She Goes” in our tips mailbox. Greyhound is the group’s first effort in seven years, and if “Steady” is any indication, Albini has clearly not lost his love of all things raw and raging; in fact, as our tipster notes, this “almost sounds Nirvana-ish!”:

Shellac – Steady As She Goes [MP3, link removed]

  1. NickEddy

    Help! Link broken! My Albini joke may be obsolete by the time it’s fixed. Punchline was “That’s NOT Bob Weston.”

  2. countshockula

    A early version of “Steady” has been available on the “burn to shine” dvd for a couple years now. Plus they’ve performed the shit out of it live too.

  3. Brian Raftery

    Should be fixed now. Sorry! We should never have hired George Tenet to set up our MP3s.

  4. NickEddy

    (disappointedly) “Oh, that IS Bob Weston.”

    Hot tears, etc.

  5. Mr. Kim Gordons Panties

    Yep, heard ‘em play it live last year, but great to have. Awesome!

  6. astrobdw

    Oh come on, Bob Weston is the MAN. Bassist on a couple of the most under-listened / underrated records ever (Volcano Suns): Bumper Crop and Farced.

  7. noamjamski

    @KimGordonsPanties: No kidding you are psyched. Great Rapeman reference!

    How can anyone hate on Bob Weston? Fun dorky dude who has played on and engineered some amazing indie rock records! He produced the SHIT out of Polvo!

  8. Moonshine Mike

    @astrobdw: Someone else who saw old Volcano Suns. have your AARP card also?

  9. Jude

    lay off Weston, he’s managed to remain approachable and kind lo these many years of toiling in Chicago’s midwestern obscurity like the rest of us. Plus, he’s dignified WHILE working with Albini.

  10. rinjonjori

    It’s not Big Black, but it’s also not Garbage.

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