Listening Station: You Are Invited To The Dismemberment Plan’s Reunion Shows

May 30th, 2007 // 4 Comments

dpland.jpgLast month, beloved D.C. dance-rockers The Dismemberment Plan (1993-2003) reunited for two shows that helped raise funds for Cal Robbins; we were sorry we missed the shows, but Can you see the sunset from the southside? has pretty-good-quality MP3s from both nights, and now we’re really sorry we missed the shows. A few highlights below, though you might want to goose the volume up a bit to get the full effect:

The Dismemberment Plan – What Do You Want Me To Say? (Live 4/28/07) [MP3, link expired]
The Dismemberment Plan – Time Bomb (Live 4/28/07) [MP3, link expired]
The Dismemberment Plan – You Are Invited (Live 4/28/07) [MP3, link expired]


  1. Lax Danja House

    Is it just me or is the drummer playing a different song to the rest of the band throughout Time Bomb? I love the track, but that annoys the hell out of me.

  2. Bazooka Tooth

    FUCK YES . The Plan fucking rules. This is a GREAT post.

  3. bentrup

    you guys really gotta get with the live music program… has both shows, here:
    and here:

    i doubt sunset from the southside recorded the show him/herself – i’d wager it came from, which also has approximately a bajillion other shows for you live music people.

  4. sparkletone

    I think I would’ve died a little inside seeing the setlist for night 2, if I’d only been able to go to night 1. “Luckily,” I wasn’t able to make it to either!

    Now I get to drink myself to sleep tonight while the two play in the background.

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