Stuck On Repeat: We’re Sending You All (One Of) Our Linear Songs

May 30th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Last week, we linked to fourfour’s exhaustive review of Amerie’s Because I Love It, which is allegedly coming out in the US sometime this summer (although we’ll believe it when we see it). Near the middle of the review–which, by linking the Amerie album to the ’80s/’90s club genre freestyle, effectively explains half the Idolator team’s listening habits this year–was a fleeting reference to Linear’s “Sending All My Love,” a synthed-up top-10 hit from 1990 that was one part Stevie B, one part New Kids On The Block. In the past week, “Sending” has crept higher and higher on our “recently played” list, and we’re hoping that by posting it here, we’ll inspire Amerie to throw a 17-years-delayed response to it on her next mix tape:

Linear – Sending All My Love [MP3, link expired]
Linear [MySpace]

  1. Xenu

    We need some Rick Astley to go with this – fast!

  2. Aleb

    Aww, now if only I could find their debut album from 1990…

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